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Mobile waterproof Nano coating Notice (please read carefully)

1, The mobile phone nano waterproof coating is to provide an extra layer of protection for the mobile phone insurance function, It’s ensure the phone  memory information and other electronic products without damage after accidentally falling into the water . Rather than for use underwater. So even if done waterproot coating,please do not use underwater.

If the Phone accidentally drop into water, it should thoroughly dry before use the mobile phones. Mobile phones maybe not displayed, no electricity and so on after drop into water , that’s normal, the phone can be work after completely dry inside.
2. Make sure you provide to the Company waterproofed phone is intact, the function was normal, no split screen and so on. 

3, After do the nano waterproof coating, if you still have doubts, requires to do the water immersion test, we will assist do the water test and drying demonstration (if you want to put into water test,It should be bake 40 minutes in oven after did the nano coating,and then waiting for the mobile phone temperature go down to normal,then you can test in water.Please don’t put into water when the mobile phone didn’t bake 40 mintures, and please don’t put it into water if the mobile is still hot ). The whole process takes about 1.5 hours, but requires you to be present the whole or authorization.if don’t need to put into water test, it bake 5 minutes in oven is OK, and 24 hours later, the nano coating will solidify.

4, After you test in water, or happen the mobile phone drop into water, please do it like this:

a. First power off your phone, Open the mobile phones back cover, then get out of the battery, SIM card and so on. (Please don’t press the button).

b. Take a clean dry cloth to wipe the phone inside and outside, especially the headphone jack, charging hole, the volume adjustment switch, etc. completely clean and dry the water.

c. Take the hair dryer cold blow dry the mobile, but do not put the phone too close to the dryer, it may cause the phone to overheated and damaged the electric parts inside.

 d. Please don’t charging before completely dry.

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