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waterproof nano liquid waterproof nano liquid waterproof nano liquid
Product name : waterproof nano liquid
Product No. : PBC25
Power : 
Voltage : 
Dimension : 
Net weight : 
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Nano Liquid is a fluorine compound solution,It quickly on the surface forming a layer of thin, transparent protective film (thickness 20-180 μ m).The film has a very low surface tension,it is waterproof, Moisture-proof,dust-proof,improve surface hardness and other features. 

Product Model: 

Model Function Grade Mainly used Method of use Features
IG4 Scratch proof 8H Glass surface(mobile screen,tv,watch,window) Directly through immersion, spraying Enhanced abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, antibacterial, reduces fingerprints
IG5 9H
FB23 Waterproof IPX6 Clothes, shoe, umbrellas, fabric and other textile products Environmentally friendly, safe, nontoxic, odorles
PCB25 IPX6-IPX7 PCB,Electronic product(Mobile phones, watches, drone), precision instrument use nano coating machine effect is good, affordable
PCB551 IPX6-IPX7 Environmental, no smell,more tiny.Specifically for iphone

Waterproof grade:

  IPX6: Strong water spray test,The test sample to the spout apart 2.5~3M, flow 100 L/min,3 minutes.

  IPX7: Water immersion test,The distance between the bottom of the tank is at least 1M,30 minutes.


 Waterproof Test Video:

 The Test Picture :  

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1.High quality: We have over 3 years of experience in the field of nano liquid.
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4.Warranty: All our nano liquid and nano coating machine carry 1 year warranty.
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6.OEM & ODM is welcome.


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